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Tony Parsons
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re. Coronavirus*

*Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have to cancel the Munich Meeting end of April. Of course we very much hope that the residential in Kisslegg can take place in August as planned!
We will keep you updated as the situation unfolds.

Tony and Claire and Marianne

Welcome to the Open Secret!

This is a communication that illuminates the paradoxical nature of non-duality and exposes the misconception that it is something that can be appropriated or experienced. 

There are no personal demands or expectations here, nor is there any intention of satisfying in any way the seeker’s need for progress or a path. This uncompromising message can be both challenging and liberating. 

The entire personal effort to achieve spiritual progress, more awareness, greater silence, more openness, or even change, can seem to dissolve in the face of this radical revelation. The entire perception of “the self” or “the world” in which “one” seems to live can apparently collapse, leaving nothing to support the illusion of separation, control and continuity.    

Suddenly there is only emptiness, but paradoxically there is also the abundance and freedom one longs for.

Tony Parsons

Jan. 2018

Dates / residentials

Next Meetings

24. - 26.04. 2020 - München


Seniorenwohnheim Haus Alt-Lehel

13. - 15.11. 2020 - München

Seniorenwohnheim Haus Alt-Lehel

Next Residentials

16- - 20.08. 2020 - Kisslegg

Seminarhotel Sonnenstrahl

Registration Open from 01. February 2020


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